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Faraz Ali

Faraz Ali

Bachelor of Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Why did you choose MD+I?

I’m attending this program as a Fulbright Scholar. I wanted to explore Design Innovation through an interdisciplinary program. And in an accelerated, immersive format to get back into the field sooner. Both I and the Fulbright committee saw MDI as a great fit for my academic and personal ambitions.

What is your favorite part of MD+I so far?

The program finds a way to push everyone of their comfort zone. My favorite part is learning all the tools from CAD & 3D printing to mills, lathes, & laser cutters. The ability to build pretty much anything you can dream of is pretty epic.

What kinds of professional and personal trajectories are you setting for yourself at the moment? Where do you hope to go after graduation?

Personally, I’m excited to see where this deep dive into design takes me because the skills you learn and experiences you go through change you in ways which are sometimes straightforward and sometimes surprising. On a professional level, I took a sabbatical from work to pursue this path and will likely return to work soon after. However in the longer term I look forward to building new businesses and teaching design.