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Continuing education for lifelong learning

The mission of the Division of Continuing Studies is to advocate for and to engage lifelong learners through high-quality and innovative programs and services.

Why continuing education

In an ever-changing world, lifelong learning is more important than ever. Our commitment to the thousands of learners we serve — from precollege to post-career — is to create educational programs that equip people for successful life and career journeys. Our learners have wide-ranging motivations and aspirations such as upskilling for work, preparing for an academic endeavor, pursuing a personal interest, leading an organization, functioning better as a team or enhancing an entire community. We provide continuing education to enrich people’s lives and support transformative growth. 

What we do

We provide leadership, administrative oversight, program development and marketing support for UW–Madison’s continuing education initiatives. 

We teach and direct hundreds of programs and courses that address the professional development and personal enrichment needs of in-person and online learners in Wisconsin and around the world. 

We advise and admit students enrolled in certain credit or capstone programs, as well as people pursuing online bachelor’s degrees.

We offer an array of academic and college readiness programs for learners ages 7–18 and oversee the university’s policy on youth protection.

Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging

We will best serve our learners and achieve our goals by embracing the rich diversity of people, experiences, backgrounds, cultures, talents and ideas in our division and by creating a climate in which our students, coworkers and campus partners can thrive. To learn more, contact Sarah Korpi.

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We offer educational access to a growing population of nontraditional learners.

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We help learners and staff flourish, no matter where they are on their lifelong learning journey.

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We support people in the workforce and employers across the state – and beyond – with vital tools and knowledge.