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About our staff
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Who works at Continuing Studies and how we support lifelong learning

UW–Madison Continuing Studies is committed to providing lifelong learners with exceptional and innovative programs to meet their continuing education needs.

We’re proud to serve the continuing education needs of a diversity of lifelong learners—from precollege students through senior auditors—in Wisconsin and around the world. We do this through hundreds of programs and courses that fulfill professional development and personal enrichment goals of our learners. We also advise and admit students in certain credit or capstone programs and people pursuing online bachelor’s degrees through UW–Madison.

The Division of Continuing Studies is home to a variety of vibrant departments and people who support lifelong learning by creating, leading and promoting flexible, relevant programming.

Our staff and faculty create, administer and promote innovative continuing educational opportunities to fulfill our mission and serve our learners. They come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and educational journeys that help them better serve our diverse students.

Continuing Studies epitomizes the Wisconsin Idea that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Our faculty and staff live this tradition every day. They include professors and instructors, advisors, administration, marketing and support staff.

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